Who we are

Nelson Hotel is a family-owned business. The Sulpizi family is now in its second generation and continues with passion a tradition that began in San Benedetto del Tronto in 1980, when Emilio Sulpizi opened his business, Pensione Zio Emilio.
The building was actually built in the '60s by his brother Aldo. With the fruits of Emilio's labor in Venezuela, where he had emigrated to seek his fortune, Aldo was slowly realizing the dream that, shortly thereafter, would have been the start of a tradition.
What was a small boarding house, three years later was renewed, becoming Hotel Zio Emilio. Over the years, the hotel has welcomed many tourists and some of them have continued to frequent the hotel and the Sulpizi family every summer.
By the passing years, the sons of Emilio, Nelson and Gino, grow working in the family hotel. Many of the loyal customers, see and follow the lives of the Sulpizi family: Nelson got married and, with his wife Bruna, have two daughters: Denise and Serena.
Meanwhile, with the death of Emilio, the business has handed down to Gino and Nelson.
Nelson has always had a passion for this job and wanted to give a new image to the family tradition. After a few years, when they also experienced in managing two hotels at the same time, Nelson and Bruna decided to leave the building of the Hotel Zio Emilio to Gino, who will not continue with the business, and start a completely new project.
And so in 2006, Nelson and Bruna transfered its business to Alba Adriatica, where now is the Nelson Hotel. Certainly in 2006 the building was not like you can see today. Immediately they gave a bit of color, a few years later they created a garden in which to spend time outdoors and in which to dance in the usual summer parties, then an area to entertain the little ones.
But it's never enough, Bruna every year invents something creative to give a more personal touch to the hotel and to make the guests feeling at home.
In 2009, after the earthquake that struck the city of L'Aquila in April , the Nelson Hotel's family got larger, welcoming 60 friends from L'Aquila for the following 6 months. The following year Nelson and Bruna decided to make a big step and expand the building by adding a floor with 11 new rooms.
There must be inevitably a dedication to the new friends. For this reason, on one of the walls of the new floor are written, among others, thoughts and quotes related to them and that they have dedicated to us.
The hotel, once again renewed, each year continues to host many of the families who spent the halidays in the Hotel Zio Emilio, even today that the daughters of Nelson and Bruna are starting to follow in the footsteps of the family.

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